This one always makes a man dizzy. Buying a gift for his girl, mother, sister or female colleague is, believe me, not an easy job. But I was adamant about finding the best and most unusual gifts this Christmas. Want to know what I came up with? Here it goes.
Has your girlfriend ever mentioned about her falling asleep on the couch watching TV after a long day's work and getting up with a sore throat and a stiff back the next day? Well, mine has and when I came across a TV Cuddle Blanket on the net, with a built in pocket to store the remote and a pouch designed for the feet, I knew that her woes were finally coming to an end. Coupled with this, picture frames, satin bed sheets, jewelery especially diamonds, a palm pilot, fragrance sets, a Sephora makeup brush set, perfumes, apparels, hand bags, a dolphin massager, or the complete series of 'Sex and the City' caught my attention as well. Why just your girlfriend, these gifts are bound to bring a smile on any woman's face.

As for pregnant women, you guys can check out this amazing site,, where starting from comfortable shoes, nonalcoholic beverages to books, magazines and films on pregnancy or childbirth, just about anything is available.

But you know what, the best thing about buying gifts this time is that I wont have to go shopping anywhere...I can just find everything I want on the net. Be it,,, or, with just a click on the mouse, I could make my female acquaintances feel soothingly special in a jiffy and that too without having to face any embarrassment or confusion while selecting gifts in the women's section at the mall either.
Isn't that what you would call the best Christmas shopping experience ever?