“Whats my idea of a perfect Christmas? One in which the whole room is filled with Santa Claus coming in all sizes and shapes dressed as a majestic king or a fisherman or a Scot playing the lute.” said my grand mom the other day. She dotes on little Santa Claus dolls and my plan is to make this Christmas her most memorable one.
Have you guys ever wondered how Santa would look holding a frog in one hand and a backpack filled with a tree? Well, this is not a mere figment of my imagination. I was amazed to come across such a doll named Whimsical Santa on http://www.shopfest.com/shirleystraditions/ Then there is Victorian Santa, Golfing Santa, Keepsake Santa and a whole new range of dolls that are worth taking a look. In addition, the Santa for sale gallery at http://www.cddolls.com/ hosts an assortment of dolls like a Mexican Santa dressed in velvet, Skier Santa, Woodsman Santa and lots more.
Few more in the list are,





Phew!! now my plan is to ask my friends and family to check out these sites, and order as many unique Santa dolls as possible and with that plus a few contributions of my own, I hope to decorate that special lady, my grand mom's room just the night before Christmas. Cant wait to see her face light up with child like emotion and joy.