This one needs special attention. Whenever I look at my darling grandparents, I am struck with wonder. They are a couple made for each other and their amazing chemistry is quite an inspiration for us youngsters.
Going by the trends,the most popular gifts for grand dads this year are:

  • Artemis desk clock- Grandma would be elated if I gave this to my grandfather who has broken innumerable alarm clocks while handling them. This will certainly help him getting up early for his morning walk.
  • Golf Ball gift set- For any golf loving grand dad, this gift will set him in motion immediately.
  • Tool kit set- All the right tools for the right job in one single thats what I call a perfect Christmas present.
  • Baseball legends and playing cards
  • Wood stamped picture frames
  • Grandpa coffee mugs
  • Pocket watches
  • A grandpa hero slate frame- To tell him how much he means to you and that you truly idolise him.
  • Simple TV remotes with large buttons- Not only does it ensure less strain on the eyes but being a multipurpose gadget, it controls TVs, VCDs, cable boxes, satellite dishes and DVD players as well.
  • Memory books –Designed to keep old memories fresh and make ample space for new ones as well, this book would surely be any grandfather's best friend.
  • A long sleeve Polo neck sweater- or a T-shirt with his favorite player/actor embossed on it.
  • Lap writing desk
  • Blackcomb half zip fleece

Well, if thats not all, for all those who are still not sure about what to gift their grandfather this Christmas, here are a few online retail sites you guys could check out:

As for my sweet grand mom, I have reserved a post exclusively for her, which will be coming up soon. So keep peeping in guys.