Happy Halloween Happy Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and everyone is prepared for the celebrations. This year I am going to dress up as the Pirate and hoping to have a bla...

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5:46 AM

Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations

Though I won't be spending Christmas at home, I have been told to make get the Christmas decorations for my family. To be precise, I ...

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5:55 AM

Jingle Bells - The Timeless Christmas Song Jingle Bells - The Timeless Christmas Song

Christmas Song: Jingle Bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way... You hear this classic Christmas song countless number of times, and still ...

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5:35 AM

Christmas Song: Last Christmas by George Michael Christmas Song: Last Christmas by George Michael

Christmas is a time for mirth, joy and celebrations! It's the time for music, dance and merry-making! Already the special offers for the...

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5:47 AM

Christmas Cakes Christmas Cakes

I had done enough of of looking for good travel tour packages. Finally it has been decided that we will visit the Caribbean Islands this win...

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5:51 AM

Christmas in Europe Christmas in Europe

It seems that we might not even visit San Fransisco or New Jersey this Christmas as we still could not decide upon our destination. But I...

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6:04 AM

Christmas on Carribean Islands Christmas on Carribean Islands

As I had anticipated Jack completely turned down the idea of Asia Tour on Christmas . :( Asia tour would need at least 15 days to one month ...

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5:28 AM

Christmas in Asia Christmas in Asia

Have you ever thought of spending your Christmas Holidays under the sea watching the fishes pass by, and marvel at the underwater flora and ...

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5:44 AM

Christmas Tour packages to Australia Christmas Tour packages to Australia

Since Jack was so keen on going to Australia this Christmas, I thought of having a look at the travel packages to Australia during late Dece...

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5:45 AM

Vacation in Christmas Vacation in Christmas

While surfing the net I found something about the Seven New wonders of the world. From the previous list of wonders, only Taj Mahal from Ind...

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6:09 AM

Christmas Vacation Plans Christmas Vacation Plans

Jack has given an idea of visiting Australia this Christmas. The reason for his desire to visit the continent are not kangaroos or the Sydne...

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4:40 AM

Planning for Christmas Planning for Christmas

I just spoke with three of my buddies about my plan to go somewhere this Christmas. Well! Sandra just plainly said on my face that she would...

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5:55 AM

Chrismas with friends Chrismas with friends

Time flows so fast. It seems just few days ago that we had a reunion of our family at Christmas. And now another Christmas is coming. Hallow...

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5:49 AM