Christmas Coloring Page Christmas Coloring Page
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8:19 AM

Cat in the tree Cat in the tree

Comments by     I had to laugh when I saw this graphic. It reminded me of my cat we used to have who is no longer here. I was ...

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10:38 PM

Decorating the Tree Decorating the Tree

Comments by ZingerBug. com     It's almost that time of the year when we dig out the tree and make it beautiful with all of the ornament...

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9:04 PM

Scrooge Scrooge

There are many versions of A Christmas Carol/Scrooge and this is yet another from Walt Disney shown in favorite way to see a movie....

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7:50 PM

Holiday Cookie Recipes Holiday Cookie Recipes

   Here are some cookie recipes for those of you who love to bake for the holidays.

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7:42 PM


  There's music of the holidays Playing on the radio - There's Christmas decorations Almost everywhere you go. The Salvation Army be...

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2:43 PM

Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie Brown Christmas

Linus tells the true meaning of Christmas.

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8:58 AM

Christmas Danger Game Christmas Danger Game

Stay away from the food and collect all the presents that you can with the tree. After so many presents though, your tree grows bigger and i...

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10:14 PM

Christmas Puzzle 3 Christmas Puzzle 3

Puzzle Game

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9:57 PM

Christmas Memory Game Christmas Memory Game

Have fun!

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9:50 PM

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

This is such a magical song. I found the instrument he's using to play the song on, very interesting. Never knew such an instrument exis...

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1:56 PM

Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song

Changing picture scenes with this music video. No one sings this better than Nat King Cole!

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1:11 PM

Little Drummer Boy Little Drummer Boy

One of my favorite childhood Christmas movies.

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11:10 PM

Christmas Screensavers Christmas Screensavers

Something I love to do at Christmas is to decorate my computer with beautiful screensavers for the holidays. I look for the freebies most of...

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10:34 PM

Our Traditional Santa Facts Our Traditional Santa Facts

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or simply "Santa" is generally depicted as a plump, joll...

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9:58 PM