Happy New Year Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I thank all of you friends and folks for your warm New Year wishes and visiting my blog. On this first of a new year 2008 ...

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11:49 PM

New Year Eve celebration New Year Eve celebration

Send this new year 2008 card! Click For more new year 2008 comments Hello friends, here I am again. So how was your Christmas parties and ce...

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9:17 PM

Merry Christmas for All Merry Christmas for All

Send Merry Christmas eCard More Merry Christmas Comments Merry Christmas to all of you! I know, I know- today is Christmas Eve. We are going...

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4:42 AM

Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas

Are you rushing here and there to buy the last minute Christmas gifts ? Have you missed buying gifts for anyone and now frantically looking ...

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10:47 PM

Christmas words Christmas words

There has been a a criticism of Christmas celebrations are becoming highly materialistic in nature and the true meaning of Christmas is los...

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12:05 AM

Christmas Song by Celine Dion Christmas Song by Celine Dion

I am not a big Celine Dion fan. Most of her songs are very soothing and soft numbers. While surfing the net, I found the Celine Dion singing...

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5:22 AM

Christmas cake recipe Christmas cake recipe

I made the Christmas cake on this weekend. This is the first time that I baked a cake in my lifetime. It was not bad even though I was not ...

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4:10 AM

Christmas gift ideas for grandparents Christmas gift ideas for grandparents

So 10 days are only left for Christmas! The mood has already set in. On this weekend I am going to try out my hand in making a Christmas cak...

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2:30 AM

Funny Christmas Jokes Funny Christmas Jokes

Christmas is the time to have fun with your near ones. Tickle the funny bones of your friends by cracking these funny jokes in the Christmas...

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4:56 AM

Top Five Christmas books Top Five Christmas books

Nowadays, I often hear some parents lamenting that the children has forgotten the habit of reading story books. Of course, Harry Potter seri...

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9:16 PM

Christmas gifts for pets Christmas gifts for pets

While we look for the perfect Christmas gifts for our near ones, why should our dear pets be left behind? Pets are part of the family and ar...

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9:03 PM

Best  Inspirational Christmas messages Best Inspirational Christmas messages

Christmas is the time to spread the message of love, harmony and peace. Of course it is a time to get showered with gifts and wishes, but in...

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10:52 PM

Few Funny Christmas clips Few Funny Christmas clips

I have almost completed buying of Christmas gifts for family and close friends. Are you still confused and scratching your head for the righ...

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1:26 AM

White Christmas- the classic Christmas song White Christmas- the classic Christmas song

Talk about all time hit Christmas songs , Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" is surely to be included in the list. I first heard ...

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12:03 AM

Christmas tree safety tips Christmas tree safety tips

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without having a Christmas tree at your home or at least decorating a Christmas tree before your hous...

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2:21 AM

Unique Christmas gifts Unique Christmas gifts

There are some new gadgets that are becoming the like life supporting system for the busy executives and professionals. Not only the technol...

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12:36 AM

Hottest Christmas gifts- Part 2 Hottest Christmas gifts- Part 2

Here are some more hottest Christmas gifts . Digital Frames If the beautiful pictures are just stored in your hard disk, then it's the t...

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12:19 AM

Hottest Christmas Gifts- Part 1 Hottest Christmas Gifts- Part 1

Thanksgiving is over. I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. I had lots of fun and I hope that I will have more on Christ...

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4:10 AM

Counting Down to Christmas Counting Down to Christmas

There's nothing like getting an early start on your Christmas by decorating your whole place. I'm starting off my 'blog decor...

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4:35 AM

Mistletoe - some more facts & funny Christmas video Mistletoe - some more facts & funny Christmas video

As I have promised I am here with some more information on mistletoe. The plant itself is an interesting plant to the botanist for study. I...

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2:34 AM

Legends about Mistletoe Legends about Mistletoe

Thanksgiving is just on day after tomorrow. I think everyone has finished preparations for it. I have completed my invitations and decoratio...

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4:02 AM

Poinsettia- the Christmas flower Poinsettia- the Christmas flower

There are number of flowers and herbs associated with Christmas like Mistletoe, Wreath, Poinsettia. Of them , my favorite flora for Christma...

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4:10 AM

Tips for making candy canes Tips for making candy canes

Speaking of candy canes, have you ever tried out making them at home? My mom used to make them every Christmas and so I would like to share...

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4:45 AM

History of Christmas Candy Canes History of Christmas Candy Canes

My niece has already ordered me to give her lots of candy canes on this Christmas . Not that I don't give her chocolates and candies on ...

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4:25 AM

Frosty the snowman Frosty the snowman

Isn't it ironical that the most popular Christmas jingles have no mention of the Christmas in them? Think about 'Jingle bells' o...

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5:40 AM

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

We are planning to have a real Christmas tree this year. Though it's a little difficult to maintain a real Christmas tree, but with pr...

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6:01 AM

Happy Halloween Happy Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and everyone is prepared for the celebrations. This year I am going to dress up as the Pirate and hoping to have a bla...

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5:46 AM

Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations

Though I won't be spending Christmas at home, I have been told to make get the Christmas decorations for my family. To be precise, I ...

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5:55 AM

Jingle Bells - The Timeless Christmas Song Jingle Bells - The Timeless Christmas Song

Christmas Song: Jingle Bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way... You hear this classic Christmas song countless number of times, and still ...

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5:35 AM

Christmas Song: Last Christmas by George Michael Christmas Song: Last Christmas by George Michael

Christmas is a time for mirth, joy and celebrations! It's the time for music, dance and merry-making! Already the special offers for the...

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5:47 AM

Christmas Cakes Christmas Cakes

I had done enough of of looking for good travel tour packages. Finally it has been decided that we will visit the Caribbean Islands this win...

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5:51 AM

Christmas in Europe Christmas in Europe

It seems that we might not even visit San Fransisco or New Jersey this Christmas as we still could not decide upon our destination. But I...

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6:04 AM