I came across this great Christmas Gifts for Pregnant women here while searching for christmas gift ideas at digg.com
So, here’re recommendations for those, who want to spend money wisely and make glad not only a woman, but a woman who is “in a family way”.

Festive attire. Every woman dreams to meet Christmas in a new beautiful dress, but, alas, not everyone can afford herself this, especially if she’s going to wear this dress only for several months. You should not think only about shapeless garments, but choose a slinky dress, accentuating a woman’s pregnancy. In last case, however, you need to be absolutely sure that, firstly, a woman will like this cut, and secondly, that you know her size for sure.

Close people (husband, girlfriend, mother, sister) can make a future mom glad with tights or pants with special insets for belly.


Boots with a sole of modern waterproof porous (“breathing”) materials (Gore-tex, Simpa-tex, Cell) can become an excellent gift. Such boots are rather expensive, but feet don’t get tired in them, don’t freeze in cold weather, don’t slide (supercooling and falls are not useful for anyone, but during pregnancy there’re much more reasons to avoid such cases). And after childbirth, during long walks, especially in autumn-winter period, a young mom will be able to appreciate close people's care. However, don’t forget that boots for a pregnant woman should have comfortable and simple fastener (and it’s even better to choose a model without fastener at all: you know, it’s not so easy to zip fastener or lace up boots independently being on last months of pregnancy)

Cosmetics and perfumes

In this case we speak about special cosmetics (creams, scented oils, balms, lotions etc.) helping to prevent appearance of pigmentation, stretch marks on breast and belly, varicose veins and other troubles of pregnant women.


before you start looking shocked lets say that even strict doctors say that if a pregnant woman is savoring only one glass of champagne during whole Christmas night, there’s nothing terrible here. However, it’s another matter – you cannot really present a glass of champagne! But you can present … nonalcoholic wine.According to this technology, classic table wine passes all necessary stages of production, but before butylation it is placed in a special vat, where all ethyl alcohol is extracted from it with help of vacuum. As a rule, white nonalcoholic wine contains very small and non-dangerous (no more than 0,5) percent of alcohol, red wine is completely deprived of this constituent, undesired for a pregnant woman. There’s also sparkling nonalcoholic wine, however, here you should distinguish it from so-called “nonalcoholic champagne”, which is mostly a usual lemonade in a beautiful bottle.

Health control means

Tools for weight (electronic scales) and blood pressure (electronic pulsimeter) control. During pregnancy such procedures, like weighing and pressure measurement, become usual, they are taken every time a woman visits an antenatal clinic. But having a possibility to weigh herself and measure pressure at the moment, when it’s necessary, we think, every pregnant woman will be glad to it. Besides, both scales and pulsimeter will be useful at home after childbirth too.


Disks with films, where plot is “twisted” around pregnancy. For example, “9 months”, “The pot is calling the kettle black” (parts 1 and 2), “Mating games of Earth inhabitants”. These are not new films, but they will surely bring pleasure to a future mom. Probably, they will offer you something new on this subject in a store.

Subjects, providing comfort and safety

Bath mat. Pregnant woman has atopic centre of gravity, that’s why she has rather high chances to slip in a bathroom. In further she will be able to use this mat while bathing her baby.

A special ball of big diameter (70-90 cm). One of the biggest troubles for a pregnant woman is inability to lie on belly (you should try to avoid this position for several months!). Such ball (slightly blown off) can be used for this purpose. And after childbirth a young mom will be able to exercise with a baby on this ball.

Well, don’t forget:

Mobile phone

How will a mother (firstly future, then present) contact close people from a maternity hospital (and later – during long walks with a baby) without it?

However, regardless of gifts close people make a future mom glad, we are sure: meeting of this Christmas will remain in her memory for a long. You know, period of pregnancy is always pierced with happy expectation, and Christmas will bring a tint of holiday and happiness to this expectation. Have a happy coming Christmas!