This Christmas, mini gift items are a rage with people. A 5-inch Gucci Blackberry case, a mini iPod and video game player that weighs less than half, to palm sized dolls, cellphones packed with MP3 cameras, bluetooth and video cams are in great demand.
Best gifts for women are a Sand Flip flop pendant studded with swarovski crystals, a Charming touches exclusive bracelate, Karolina- a gorgeous silk tweed bag by Amici, Melie Bianco “Laguna Beach” bag and so on.
DVDs like The Wow Hits 2007 featuring 20 of the top Christian artists and hits, Chronicles of Narnia, The Life of Jesus, Lord of the Rings and the latest Harry Potter flick are popular gift items for christmas as well.
In addition to above, latest gadgets and gizmos like the Bluetooth laser virtual keyboard, 4-Port USB Hub illuminated mouse pad, etc., which most women are opting as gifts for their computer geek partners are available at
Besides these, those interested in buying sheek corporate gifts like the corporate leather box suite or leather briefcase can log on to for some amazing gifts this season. Other online retailers like, are must a check out as well.
Last year, a rather interesting fad arose in the choice of Christmas trees. Flipped trees that could be hung down from the ceiling saw a huge sales boost. Then, candles embellished in swarovski crystals, Christmas themed dolls like Mrs. Santa, bags with small gifts attached, gizmos like JC Penny Jacks up Xbox, the Nokia N90 cellphone and so on were a major craze that found their way into people's homes.
An inclination towards new and improved gadgets is obvious to our eyes. In fact, children are also pestering their parents for cellphones and digi cams that are replacing various traditional toy games. So which gadget are you planning to gift your loved ones this year?