Christmas is just a few blocks away and sticking to tradition, I will once again be sitting with my niece and nephews to plan out an elaborate Christmas party. Starting with the invitations to the decoration ending with the yummy dishes and the Christmas games and gifts, everything ought to be rocking special.
We are settling with a star shaped invitation card attached with a candy bar ( chocolate being every child's dream delight) which will first be sent to all the kids in the neighborhood.
Speaking of the decorations, twinkling party lights, paper snowflakes, white, blue and silver streamers, artificial plastic Christmas trees, white styrofoam balls for snow, bells, balloons etc. indoors is sure to light up the faces of the little ones as they enter.
For the games, building a snowman in the backyard is a must, then come tree decorating and caroling. Throwing big Styrofoam snowballs at each other, reading winter solstice and Christmas stories together and ice skating are also on the list.
Want to know whats on the menu?
Hot chocolate
Hot Apple cider
Rice krispie treat snowballs
Snowman cupcakes
Soup or stew
Cheese fondue
Gingerbread cookies
Rudolph cupcakes and smiley face chicken sandwiches
last but certainly the best.....a huge Santa Claus cake

With provisions for blowing bubbles, bursting crackers, dancing like hell and taking stickers, little bags, rubber stamps etc home, I hope the party will be a success.
In case you are already feeling inspired and wish to plan a party for the kids as well, here are a few sites you could check out.