A few interesting information about the Holiday season 2006 from American Greetings Inc website projects that more holiday eCards will be sent through cyberspace this year, more holiday cards will be personalized and made at home, and that consumers are interested in a diverse selection of greetings and home projects for the holiday season include Christmas Thanksgiving and New years . 80% of those polled said that they planned on sending at least one eCard this year for the Holidays. More than half of those surveyed will be sending ten or more eCards this holiday season, compared with 38% who sent that many last year.
Respondents said that they plan on increasing the number of personalized greetings and holiday decorations that they make at home. More than 30% of users plan to print some of their holiday cards themselves this holiday season. In addition, 70% of those polled said they were planning on printing address labels at home, 65% responded that they were thinking about making a personalized calendar, and 60% planned on making personalized gift tags at home.
When asked how early people start sending out their paper holiday cards, over 70% wait until December, while only 7% send out any holidays cards before Thanksgiving. When asked when they purchase their holiday cards, the largest group said after the holiday sales the year before, with the second most popular timeframe being the last week in November.

In a separate national independent study recently commissioned by American Greetings, the results showed that online greetings and traditional holiday cards complement each other, and tend to be used for different situations and people