Worst-Sounding Movie Pitch Ever Somehow Got Greenlit


 We’re convinced that 99% of things we say and think in our daily life are ripped off from a Mike Myers character, whether it’s Wayne, Austin Powers, or Charlie from So I Married An Axe Murderer. We can’t even listen to “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” without singing it in a Scottish accent, that’s how big of an influence Myers was on us growing up.  So it’s not without a little bit of regret that we say this but, Mike, please stop making crappy movies. And please, please reconsider the Warner Brothers cartoon movie you’ve just signed on for where you plan to voice  Pepe Le Pew, the rapey-est cartoon skunk there ever was.

We tolerated A View From The Top, cringed when we heard about The Cat In The Hat and downright turned on you after The Love Guru, so if this pattern is any indicator, the Pepe Le Pew movie is going to cause a revolt amongst otherwise sane, sensible people. That’s how bad we think it will be. Sometimes movies require some convincing when you hear their premise, like “Really? A dream within a dream within a dream where they fight in the snow within another dream? I don’t know, Inception!” or “An actual movie that’s actually about Facebook?” and we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But from the outset we can just tell that Mike Myers doing a French accent, wearing a skunk outfit and trying to molest fur coats and stray cats is going to be terrible. The only way we could find this forgivable is if  it’s just part of Mike’s plan to become rich enough to join the Pentavirate, that secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world, taking the coveted Colonel Sanders spot.