Christina Aguilera’s Terrible Year Gets Worse: She And Her Husband Are Splitsville
A few months ago, Christina Aguilera explained during a radio interview that she had become a “more sexual Christina” since giving birth to her son, Max. Sadly for her husband, Jordan Bratman, that ravenous sexual appetite apparently no longer applies to him: US Magazine is reporting this morning that Aguilera and Bratman have been “separated for a few months.” However, the two have yet to file any official paperwork that would land them an appointment in divorce court.

The year 2010 has not been kind to the Bionic bisexual, who has had to fight off charges that she’s a Lady Gaga copycat, cancel her tour due to a complete lack of public interest, and is poised to suffer a backlash of Mariah-circa-Glitter-esque proportions when her impending bomb Burlesque arrives in theaters this November. Even worse? No one has decided to devote an entire episode of Glee to her catalogue! Suffice to say, it looks as if the resulting stress from her career struggles have done some damage to her personal life. This one is, as they say, developing…