Taylor Swift Dreams Of A Jay-Z Collaboration. We Say Dream On, Honey
The music you jam out to and the music you cry into your high school yearbook to might be all on the same album if Taylor Swift’s dream of collaborating with Jay-Z comes true.  Swift gushed to Ladies Home Journal,”Our genres are completely different, but there could be something cool about that.” Man, when did Ladies Home Journal get so hip? Hmm, we don’t know if that idea is going to fly. Jay-Z doesn’t seem like the type to go in for syrupy country ballads. Then again, chances are if wife Beyonce sees Taylor’s doe eyes fill with tears, she’ll rush in and fix everything.

Swift’s other goal? “Seeing my album in Starbucks …. I go there every day and stare longingly at the CDs they sell.” Hey! Our goal is to be able to afford one of those albums at Starbucks! Who knew us and Taylor were so alike? We, of course, hope girlfriend gets everything she’s ever dreamed of. Us? We’re going to see if we have enough change buried in the couch cushions to get a subscription to Ladies Home. [Photo: Getty/Stephen Mao]