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The Situation Can’t Get Situated With Karina Smirnoff


Can you imagine what was going on in The Situation’s mind when he found out he was paired with Karina Smirnoff on Dancing with the Stars? His brain probably detonated. All that hair gel just needed a trigger anyway.

(And now, for an experiment:  We’re going to see how often we can use “the situation” within the text of this post. Because not only has the guy overstayed his welcome in pop culture-land, he now has a permanent home in our brain.)

The situation is that Karina is quite possibly the equivalent of Jessica Rabbit for The Situation. The fact that he has to, probably for the first time in his life, be professional and not try to get his situation  into her tutu, is proving to be quite the situation for him. It’s like she’s his kryptonite!

But he’s going to keep the situation under control, explaining, “We look really good together, and we’d probably have cute kids, but I’m pretty sure she has a boyfriend. Unless something happens with that, I’m going to stay respectful. So that’s that situation.”

Ha - Karina would so high-kick him in the situation if he ever tried to get fresh! Come to think of it… it’s probably already happened.