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Bi-Curiouser And Curiouser: Adam Lambert Makes Out With Ke$ha


Adam Lambert knows how to keep his fans on their toes, especially the ones who refuse to accept that he’s gay. In a recent radio interview, Lambert matter-of-factly explained that he will not be boxed in by his sexuality, which is why he recently made out with Ke$ha at a club. Say whaaa?

Lambert, on radio show BLI in The Morning, explained that he recently decided to indulge his hetero-curious side saying “I made out with Ke$ha a couple nights ago. . . She’s really pretty and we were laughing and…just started kissing!” And if you were curious, Lambert confirms she’s “a great kisser”. We’re about 110% sure this means nothing and Glambert is still gay as can be, but it does go to show you that when men and women share eye glitter, sparks can fly regardless of sexual preference. [Photo: Getty Images]