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Lindsay Lohan - Out Of Jail And Into The Homeless Shelter 

lindsay lohan courthouse 240910

lindsay lohan courthouse 240910

On Friday, Lindsay Lohan successfully appealed her 30-day jail sentence and was released just hours after being locked up. A new judge ruled that if she posted $300,000 bail and agreed to wear yet another SCRAM-bracelet she could be free, and Lindsay complied. Thus began quite the busy weekend for the starlet.

Firs came the news that Lohan was planning another stint in rehab. Not surprising. But then came the “news”/desperate PR attempt that on Sunday Lindsay decided to visit an L.A. homeless shelter and outreach center with her mom Dina and sister Ali. Perhaps as a live-action cautionary tale for the teens who are staying there. Lohan Tweeted about it, saying “What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA… had a nice time there today, it’s so important to give back. I feel blessed.” We’ll leave it to you to decide what exactly Lindsay was giving back.

The trip to the shelter may have been an attempt at damage control because this weekend (seriously, what an eventful two days this all was) also saw the release of pictures of Lindsay, allegedly taken in 2007, appearing to shoot heroin. She’s not actually shooting up in the photos but she’s playing with a needle in two pictures and kissing pal Paris Hilton in another. In their case, the guilt by association multiplies exponentially given their histories. At this point, the pictures are just more of an embarrassment than a legal woe because taking edgy, druggy, lesbian-y pictures is so five years ago. But they certainly can’t help her cause right about now.

We are so exhausted by this girl.