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Rihanna Distracts Us From World’s Worst Outfit With Ridiculous Poses

Rihanna was busy filming the video for “What’s My Name” in New York this weekend, and her outfit can only be described as some sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Kids Incorporated nightmare. Maybe Katy Perry and Ke$ha got wasted and then had a style-off using Rihanna as their mannequin, but even that would be no excuse. It’s the worstest of the worstestest.

We love RiRi, but this look is just all sorts of wrong. Check out our favorite Rihanna outfits to revel in her better fashion picks. At least you can feel a little bit better about the toothpaste-stained shirt you - okay fine, we - wore to work today after checking out her weird booty shorts/Spanx n’ Stripes debacle. Isn’t that really what celebrities are for - boosting our wee egos a bit?