I remember when I was a teenager, my favorite Christmas gift was either gadgets, gift cards/certificates or money to splurge at my favorite CD, DVD store or the movie theatre. The girls were crazy about the latest perfumes and trendy jewelery. Not much has changed since then but as it is common knowledge that pleasing a teenager is not an easy job, perhaps an insight into the funkiest trends this year might help many anxious parents.

  • Sports Gear- Team gaming chairs, color handheld TVs for watching the game, autographed NBA basketballs, NBA superstars jersey basketballs, stunning lifesize wall graphics of their favorite players, skateboards, and so on.
  • Gadgets- Nintendo Wii Console, Xbox 360, Action and Adventure Movies, Guitar Kit, Pen Scanners for writing copious notes, compact digi cams, Apple video iPods, WiFi enabled Sony Mylo communicator, wireless headphones for iPods, Digi cam keychains, Multi-feature keyboard Phones, MySpace compilation CD.
  • For College goers- College funds, Watches, wallets, camping gears, funky alarm clocks, 'The Collegehumor guide to college', first drive on a ferrari or getting them enrolled for driving classes.
  • Books- Harry Potter series, Chicken Soup for a teenagers soul, journals or diaries to jot down their secrets and experiences. A book of charms for girls. Magazines like Campus Life, Cosmo Girl, Teen and many others.
  • Clothing and accessories- Funky T-shirts with unconventional messages and their faces superimposed on them, a designer dress, Tokidoki bags, jucy couture handbags and backpacks, stylish boots, personalised initital necklaces, unique jewelery hangers in the shape of trees, perfumes, room or dorm décor furniture, cute and colorful cellphones.
  • Encouraging them to join hobby clubs if they are not members already.
  • Movie Tickets or gift coupons to shop with at their favorite stores are two readily available options which most teens appreciate.
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