"People have underestimated me my entire life. They’ve been wrong."

Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron, a trilingual (in English, French, and Italian) stewardess and Laura Cameron's elder sister.

Competitive by nature, Kate has lived in the shadow of her younger sister, Laura, all of her life. Kate rebelled against the life that was chosen for her, that of a wife, a mother and instead spread her own wings to fly. Joining Pan Am was her escape; at least until Laura signed on. Now Kate must learn to manage her past with her present. But she takes on an even greater challenge when she agrees to spy for the CIA; a role which makes her unique as she navigates a whole new world of espionage and intrigue.

Name: Kelli Garner
Birth: Apr 11, 1984
Place: Kern County, California
Country: United States
Height: 1.65M
Measurements: 36D-23-33 inch
Occupation: Actress