Colette Valois: "Tomorrow another plane takes off to someplace new.  Vanished, today’s mistakes.  Their only trace: a touch more wisdom." 

Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois, a stewardess of French origin.

Colette is the best friend you could ever have: empathetic; non-judgmental; tough when she has to be.  Having lost her parents in World War II, she’s haunted by a sense of loss, a hole that cannot be filled.  Her search for fulfillment sometimes results in bad decisions, notably those of a romantic nature.  But when life kicks her down, Colette, the eternal optimist, looks at the bright side; and if you’re having a bad day, Colette will find the light in the darkness.

Name: Karine Vanasse
Birth: Nov 24, 1983
Place: Drummondville, Quebec
Country: Canada
Height: 1.7M
Actress: Actress