Matlanga Kerstin, 28, is head of cabin crew at Swiss airline Hello. She talks about her often busy professional life and reveals how best to get an apprenticeship for their profession. Ready for boarding!


Kerstin Matlanga is 28 years old, works for the Swiss airline Hello and lives in Freiburg. Since then, she is 19 years old, she works as a flight attendant. Even as a little girl she was fascinated by flying.


Flight attendant is in Switzerland and in Germany no nationally recognized training occupation: not accepted the basic training is, but you can make in Switzerland, the professional exams for cabin crew which has been approved. Basically, you have 18 years of age to begin with an airline. Some airlines have a size limit of at least 1.70 meters, so you turn ever comes to the emergency equipment. At "Hello" there is no such restriction, since all the equipment for the cabin crew of all sizes is available. The in-house training lasts between four and eight weeks. In the first four weeks you get a basic theoretical training for flight attendants on the ground, then it is two to four weeks on board. The so-called check-flight you must accomplish the entire procedure by itself. Depending on the airline, the training times vary. Once a year there is a refresher course in emergency situations such as evacuation, fire, or even airplane hijackings are played out. Flight attendants are primarily for safety on board, the service is merely an additional service.

My path in the air

After university I applied to Crossair, a Swiss airline. I was lucky and was to interview invitation. The interviews with airlines running very specifically from: You make role-plays and is involved in various passenger situations. I quickly got a commitment for an apprenticeship and after a short time I was cabin crew on board as a member. When I was 22 years old, merged with Crossair, Swissair and 3500 people lost their jobs, including me too. Fortunately, I quickly found a new position at Zurich airport. I sat there in three weeks for air traffic Sans Asked train. To earn money, which of course was good, but I missed the flight and the atmosphere on board. The airline was founded in 2004 Hello. From the beginning I belonged to the crew and was back to 100% in the air "Hello" is a relatively small charter airline customers are mainly tourists and private planes. After a year I was promoted to senior cabin crew member on: I lead the entire aircraft cabin but has to offer sometimes even the head if something goes wrong. One has to respect as a "senior" to the fact that the passengers buckle up and turn off their electronic devices . At 25, I completed additional training to "ground instructor." So I got the opportunity to countries like Iceland and Thailand to see. There, I taught . other flight attendants since a half years I have been working as "chief cabin crew" and have the entire cabin crew staff of the company under my wing makes the one hand, to me that position a lot of fun because I am responsible;. on the other hand, one must assume it unpleasant things, people cancel at the Example. advancement opportunities for me there is no more, except that, to change the department. now that I've come already with 28 years as far as the job is due to the small size of the airline . And all undedicated I was not in the past few years . I currently work for 50 percent of the office at the Basel airport and 50 percent on board. Without flying as it gets for me.

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