Santa Claus has been keeping a thorough check on all the kids as usual before he embarks on his sleigh ride. So, how many of you have been good, very good or naughty this year? When I was a kid, I was encouraged to write down all my good and bad deeds in a little diary. Soon, I realized that being good meant rewards and being naughty...well you all know what being naughty elicits.
Just like us, Santa also maintains a journal where he lists all the names of the Good and Naughty Kids. We all want to feature on the good list. But “how” is perhaps the most valid concern for all of us:

  • Take a beautiful calendar or journal of this year. It should be in bright colors and funky, so that you keep using it regularly.
  • Try helping your mom with housework, your neighbors with their chores, clean up your room, polish boots for your dad, do your homework in time and study well, help others in need.
  • Though, you want to show off yourself in the best light, Santa knows everything and he will find out. Never tell lies or make up things you have not done.
  • Be sorry for any bad deed that you have done or when you have been naughty and try to avoid any such thing in the future.
  • Be extra helpful and kind, obedient and cheerful.
  • Share your toys with your friends, say 'Please' and 'Thank You' when required.
  • Always respect your elders and be kind to everyone.
  • Feature on Santa's list not because you simply want the best of gifts from him but coz being a good kid merits love, affection, success and happiness always.

But hey, are you still wondering what might accidentally place you in the naughty list instead? Here are a few pointers that you must keep in mind and avoid falling prey to:

  • Waking up early on Christmas morning to remove presents from everyone's stockings.
  • Being bad all year and then trying to pretend being nice up just before Christmas.
  • Forgetting to put out carrots for the reindeer with Santa's cookie's and milk. They need to eat too you know.
  • Knocking over the Christmas Tree while wrestling with your brothers or sisters.
  • Making a mess and then blaming it on the dog, cat or your imaginary friend, in other words...lying.
  • Knocking down other people's snowmen.
  • Not sharing your toys with your brothers and sisters.
  • Being consciously or deliberately rude to others.

Follow these instructions wisely and top the list of good kids this year and every other in the future.