Kerry Meades has opened up about her alleged fling with Ashley Cole, saying that the football ace acted like a single man during their liason.

The air hostess revealed that she first slept with the Chelsea ace back in 2004 and met him again on the 17th June this year – when he was supposedly trying to win back his ex-wife Cheryl Cole – at the Supper Club in Hollywood. She claims that night he asked her come home for a ’round two’ however, she turned down his offer.

They met up once more two days later and this time, the blonde beauty did go home with him.

She told The Mirror:
“At least six or seven people must have seen, but he didn’t care.”

Meades – who works for Virgin Atlantic – claims that though she returned to the UK on June 20, when she came back to LA three days later, she once again ended up in Ashley’s home. After spending the night with the star, she saw a Hustler lingerie bag and claims that it probably contained a birthday present for Cheryl, who turned 28 that week.

Since she sold her story, Ashley has deleted Meades from his Blackberry contact list.

She said: “He obviously wanted to hide it. The whole time I was with him, he acted like a single man. When he cut off contact with me, I knew I had been dumped. It made me feel used and dirty, like I was a piece of meat.

“I don’t think Ashley has any idea how to be faithful to a woman and I am certain that he will never change. I thought he was serious about me and I definitely have feelings for him. Now I see he was getting back with Cheryl the whole time we were together.

“I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend, because there is no way I would ever be able to trust him. I feel sorry for Cheryl. I would leave him now before it is too late.”

A statement from Virgin Atlantic read: “Our cabin crew have always stood out from the crowd and recently received the ultimate accolade as the world’s most ­attractive cabin crew.”

The Daily Mail claims that as well as Kerry, there are two other girls waiting in the wings to claim that they have enjoyed recent liaisons with Cole, during recent weeks.

All three women have contacted PR Guru Max Clifford about selling their story to the press and Clifford himself told the newspaper:

‘In recent weeks, three girls have been in touch with me claiming to have had recent relationships with Ashley Cole.

They will be coming to see me and I’ll see if there is any evidence to back up these allegations.’

Original source: UnrealityTV

Some more information:
Name: Kerry Meades
Birth: 1981
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Employer: Virgin Atlantic Airways
Occupation: Flight attendant