Sometimes we're so busy shopping around in the local shops or the shops that we see giving sales on TV we forget the stuff that we like the most. Just a reminder for you if you do like watching TV you can always buy gifts online from your favorite channels. Here's are my favorite channels that you can get your Christmas gifts from:

National Geographic has the perfect gifts for the adventurer/ explorer in all of us. They have the perfect gear for people who travel a lot. You can give travel packs or travel kits. Make sure you check out the clothing section -- even if you're not traveling they're the perfect Christmas gifts to give because they're light-weight durable clothing that you can wear even in the urban jungle. And if you asked what my favorite section of the National Geographic gift store is it has to be the photography section. They even have field guides! Hey I can dream can't I?

In the Discover Store besides the DVDs and Books, there are toys for kids starting from the age of 1 and up. They also have toys for the big kids too they're just called 'gadgets'. You can choose from a variety of gadgets from weather stations to novelty gadgets and bluetooth and GPS gadgets. My favorite gift would be the Turbo Cell Phone Charger that's only $19.95

Perfect place for moms and dads who love cooking is of course the Food Network. Here you can choose your gifts according to the show, or by brand. You're not just going to get the shows and cooking books you can get apparel to wear while cooking or stuff for the kitchen like cookware, tabletop and serve ware and kitchen appliance. Mom would just love it. Of course the best gift idea that I love is the "Cooking for Dummies Kit"!

Lets not forget the History Channel too. It's for anyone who loves to learn or watch history docu-drama and documentaries. Check out their gift finder that'll make your life a lot easier when it comes to picking and choosing for Christmas gifts.

And of course there's the regular non-cable channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Merchandise where you can get your friends and family gear from their favorite shows. Just don't forget, this year when you're shopping for Christmas gifts consider other channels of shopping too! (Pun intended!)