A lot of hearts are joined and cherished underneath the mistletoe and it all adds to the joy and fun of Christmas and the holiday season.

During the early times, before technological advancements made themselves known to us, people made it a point to visit each other for company and fellowship, specially during the holidays. A common custom at Christmas was to place a sprig of mistletoe above the door frame or hang it from the ceiling of the home. But with the passage of time, people started using mistletoe in all aspects of Christmas celebrations, be it in the wreaths or home decorations or the decoration of the Christmas tree and gift wrapping.

The mistletoe was also considered to bestow fertility and life. It acquired a reputation of being both a protection against poison as well as an aphrodisiac. For it's supposedly mystical powers, mistletoe has played the pivotal role in many folklores. One such is associated with the Goddess Frigga and the story ends with a decree that who ever stands underneath the humble mistletoe, no harm would befall on them. Only a kiss as a token of love would come their way.

Decking the halls with boughs of holly is absolutely the perfect thing to do for a Christmas decoration. But for some real holiday cheer, mistletoe wins hands down ! Nicknamed as holiday revelry, kissing under the mistletoe has been a 'fun' Christmas ritual for years. Though the pagan significance has been overshadowed by the 'fun' tag, the custom still goes strong. All Lovers wishing to send Christmas cards for the Holiday Season can check our these Greetings cards which are free to send.